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Reverse Mortgages 
Through Cross Country Mortgage, Inc
and Joshua Orlan, NMLS # 347741

A Viable and Effective Financial Tool For People Aged 62 Or Greater Who Wish To:

Age In Their Own Home;

Safeguard Their Other Assets;

Enjoy Financial Stability;

Have A Monthly Income Stream or a Lump-Sum Payment (or combination of the two);

Have Money Available If The Need Arises.

With a Reverse Mortgages you retain ownership of your home for as long as you wish.  

You are responsible to conitune to pay your real estate taxes and insurance, but the loan balance is not paid-back until after you leave the home.  

These are FHA insured home loans and any balance greater than the value of the home is insured through the FHA.  

Reverse Mortgages are a financial tool.  In order to obtain one you must be counseled by a government-approved counselor.  We are happy to discuss your options with you and anyone you trust.

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